October 04, 2021

Contract Manufacturing: Someone Who’s Good at It Will Do It for You

The CEO of the TechnoSpark Group Oleg Lysak has told a TV channel about a contract manufacturer TEN Fab (part of the TechnoSpark group of companies, a subsidiary of the Fund for Infrastructural and Educational Programs of the Rusnano) and new possibilities for small and middle-sized businesses to find a contractor for accomplishing their production goals. Briefly on that in the Special Report from the Russia 24 TV channel.

“When we have just begun to develop TechnoSpark, we thought that start-ups must be provided with equipment in order to grow. But by 2016, we realised that the use of equipment is a separate skill and its development requires separate investments. That is why today, the TechnoSpark’s umbrella brand of contract companies, the TEN Group, unites a group of companies which cover a wide variety of manufacturing tasks from internal and external customers.”

told Oleg Lysak

One of the TEN Group companies, TEN Fab, specializes in mechatronics and device manufacturing: in the high-precision mechanical processing of metals, alloys and plastics using the newest CNC machines, in the engineering and serial assembly of complex devices.

“The trend of transitioning to contract manufacturing has reached Russia. Now a business should not worry about how to produce and it can focus on the development and selling of its product. But it is difficult to find manufacturering facilities that would make both single product and a series for a reasonable price, while TEN Fab specializes both in the manufacture of singular products and small series. Here one can order a new device, as well as establish serial production with guaranteed quality and within the set time limits” noted the CEO of TechnoSpark.

Oleg Lysak has also talked about the culture of contract manufacturing:

“TEN Fab does not develop its own products, it only deals with customers’ projects, ensuring security of their intellectual property.”

Source: Media Office of TechnoSpark

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