October 04, 2021

The Head of a New University Start-Up Studio ITMO-FIEP of Rusnano will learn about the TechnoSpark Work Model

On October 4, Aleksandr Tarasov started a week-long familiarization session with the experience of the first TechnoSpark start-up studio in Russia (part of the investment network of the Fund for Infrastructural and Educational Programs of the Rusnano Group).

How to create and test business hypotheses? How to choose the appropriate technologies and organize the serial start of new companies? How to create a circle of contract companies around technological start-ups? Answering these questions will allow the new university start-up studio to avoid many typical mistakes.

“Engaging universities and students in the serial creation of start-ups will help Russia not to lag behind the world’s technological leaders. We fully support the new initiative of the Government and the Ministry of Education and Science to realize the potential of our youth and to transform the university environment. The network of new university start-up studios, the first of which was the ITMO, can safely rely on the experience accumulated by TechnoSpark.”

CEO of TechnoSpark Oleg Lysak

The head of the university start-up studio ITMO-FIEP of Rusnano not only will develop infrastructure for testing ideas and launching start-ups, create long-term stimuli for transitioning investors from later investment stages to the earlier ones, but also will engage students in technological start-ups, determine whether they have business skills necessary for forming teams.

Let us remind you that the decision on whom to appoint as the CEO of the university start-up studio ITMO-FIEP of Rusnano has been taken based on the results of the Entrepreneur Skill Trainer—a unique project by the TechnoSpark Entrepreneur School.

The new format of recruiting technology has allowed to establish whether an examinee has the required qualities to succeed in business. Thirty three candidates for the position have taken part in the competition.
Source: Media Office of TechnoSpark

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