October 06, 2021

The Ronavi Company has demonstrated an alternative for a flexible conveyor belt at the plant of the biggest commercial transport manufacturer in Russia

In September, a group of companies specializing in the development and manufacture of passenger and middle-sized commercial cars, buses, heavy trucks, alternative fuel machines, power engines and car components used Ronavi robots to test the delivery from the assembly conveyor to the painting conveyor. The demonstration run took place in two stages at one of 13 manufacturing plants of the company.

At the plant of the biggest car manufacturing company, Ronavi H-1500 logistics platform-robots acted as a flexible conveyor, having delivered car components from one workshop to another.

Most conveyors follow set routes in unchanging layouts and require considerable effort and planning when the initial set routes need to be changed.

Unlike conveyors, the robots are mobile and are able to turn around at any point, they react flexibly to the amount of load, quickly increasing or decreasing the number of destination zones and redistribute addresses between them.

The Ronavi H-1500 automatizes logistics processes at plants and reduces labor costs by 70%, increasing the speed and efficiency of operations, since the robot works for more that 21 hours per day. The Ronavi H-1500 logistics platform-robot is designed for transporting load up to 1,500 kg. It moves without turning its body in any direction and performs tasks on its own. If needed, an operator can control the robot with a tablet computer. In order to distribute tasks and predict the placement of car parts at a plant, the platform is integrated into a WMS system using a special RMS software.

Based on the results of the demonstration runs, it is planned to develop a special technological solution for robotizing manufacture processes of the group of companies.
Source: Media Office of TechnoSpark

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