October 11, 2021

Staff shortages in technological startups cannot be overcome without assessing entrepreneurial skills

On October 8 during a panel discussion at the Moscow International Education Fair, the Head of the TechnoSpark Entrepreneurship School Anna Elashkina told how the first Russian startup studio deals with a shortage of startup leaders.

Any companies that invest in innovations experience a serious shortage of project leaders. The current professionalization of venture activity requires to create a new field of knowledge and to search for appropriate approaches and methods of education strongly connected with practice. TechnoSpark has developed a model of skills that a startup studio and its new technological companies must have. The assessment of these skills should leave a clear digital footprint and should be deeply analyzed using elements of artificial intelligence.

“TechnoSpark acts as a qualified client of entrepreneurship education. In Russia, however, despite the fact that dozens of EdTech startups have already started to respond to the demands of the technology industry, there are still very few educational box products that could assess and educate people with necessary skills. If a certain marketplace for educational products is created now, the first thing it will have to do in order to succeed is to help developers with the selection, packaging and quality standardization of these products.”

suggested Anna Elashkina.

Source: Media Office of TechnoSpark

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