October 18, 2021

Denis Kovalevich: “It is important at the start to set up principles that motivate the transfer of technologies” / Telegram channel “Scientific and educational policy” (video)

The co-founder of TechnoSpark Group of Companies, a member of the commission on the selection of universities for the Priority 2030 program at the HSE Institute of Education, spoke about the development of technology transfer and technological entrepreneurship as the priorities of universities.

“Objective specialization has developed among the members of the commission for the selection of universities for the Priority-2030 program. I focused in the university teams speeches on the development of technology transfer and technology entrepreneurship. And I should note that not many universities have made these lines being their priority.

It is a complex and long process to transform into a University that produces technology in addition to education and research. The brightest European success stories are 25 and more years old. For example, Leuven University began this path in the mid-90s.

In my opinion, to risk at the start setting up principles that will create real motivation for the transfer of technologies is the most important thing with such a length of the process. This is exactly what Leuven did in his time.

He determined that the bulk of the profits from the developments carried out by the university laboratories on the orders of corporations are received by the laboratories themselves and can be spent both on expanding activities and on employee bonuses. He set a specific size for the proportion of royalties that patent authors receive. Finally, he determined the typical structure of ownership in spinoffs and the rights of their shareholders from among the professors. This all has formed the basis for trust between professors and laboratory staff on the one hand and the University’s management on the other.

And the technology transfer center has been clearly fulfilling the established principles for 25 years. It watching over the interests of all participants in this complex process. As a result – Leuven’s first place in the innovativeness ranking of European universities, 150 spinoffs, 300 million euros in annual income from the commercialization of technologies, and more than a hundred millionaire professors.

No one of the Priority participants has yet decided to set up principles that create motivation for the participants in the technology transfer process. But that is exactly what this unique 10-year program is needed for, to be able to introduce long-term principles.

Even if the universities will formulate them at the second step when they will analyze what has succeeded and what has failed in the first step”.

Source: Scientific and educational policy Telegram channel

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