October 18, 2021

TechnoSpark: our trainees learn business in real startups

The qualifying round of the #StartupDiploma-2022 program ends in Novosibirsk, Omsk, Tyumen and Kabardino-Balkaria. Participants of this program will be trained with the “Build a Company. Sell a Company” business simulator. TechnoSpark uses it to assess candidates for positions of leaders in technology startups.

The best students will have an annual internship at the existing TechnoSpark technology companies.

“Our partnership with universities is a unique opportunity for both students and our companies. We see that it is often difficult for newcomers to the tech business to formulate a strong business hypothesis for building a tech startup. Therefore, an invitation to work in a company that has already been opened by an experienced startup studio is an opportunity to practice using the correct material. It is possible to learn only from own ideas, but the effect is unpredictable neither in quality nor in time. There are too many failures at the very start. For our companies, students are both new positive energy and an opportunity to launch those technological projects the current team does not have enough time for. Therefore, we are extremely interested in the annual involvement of students into our startups.”

commented Oleg Lysak, CEO of TechnoSpark

Each selection participant will have to go through three stages. The first one is an online workshop. This online workshop includes traditional forms of education and diagnostics such as tests, business cases and an interactive novel that reproduces the complexity of entrepreneurial decisions making. From 500 to 1.5 thousand students will join the online workshop in each city. The best students are invited to the second stage. It is a full-time business game. Candidates for the internship program will be selected as a result of this game. They will go to the third stage which is interviews with current leaders of companies and managers of TechnoSpark.

“We select startups to match students of any field of study, any specialty. And we have no age restrictions. The main thing is to pass professional selection.”

points out Andrey Bogdashev the TEN Education general director

TEN Education is the developer of the “Build a Company. Sell a Company ” entrepreneurial competence simulator. It is also an operator for the entrepreneurial practice program commissioned by TechnoSpark Group of Companies.

Schedule of the next selection for the #startupdiploma program:
10/20/2021 – NSTU, Novosibirsk
10/24/2021 – KBSU, Nalchik
11/03/2021 – OmSTU, Omsk
11/04/2021 – TyumSU, Tyumen

Source: TechnoSpark press service

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