October 20, 2021

TechnoSpark company presents the future of the energy landscape

On October 20, at the celebration of the 3M company’s 30th anniversary in Russia, Solartek company of the TechnoSpark group from Troitsk (part of the FIOP RUSNANO investment network) will present solar roofs. The company will also present how the corporation’s partnership with an innovative startup led to the creation of solar roofs that provide the lowest carbon emissions compared to other production technologies.

3M Senior Vice President for EMEA, executives of Rusal, Ikea, Sibur, and other sustainable development leaders will present at the round table on The future of business and society through the prism of sustainable development their successful practices that are already shaping the image of the future.

“The SolarTek solar cell, made with clear multi-layer front film, is a product of the new market for in-building photovoltaics and is a key element in realizing a zero-carbon home concept. This collaboration will bring us closer to changing the energy landscape as energy will be generated at a place it is consumed at.”

thinks Dmitry Krakhin, Head of Solartek

Thin film solar modules are an alternative to the heavy and fragile glass traditionally used in silicon solar panels. They increase the area of a building that can generate electricity by using not only roofs, but also facades, awnings, and, in the perspective, even windows. The flexible solar modules production by SteelSun brand will be launched at the plant in Saransk. The capacity of the first construction stage is 5 MW per year, and the design capacity is 10 MW per year.
Source: Media Office of TechnoSpark

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