October 22, 2021

TechnoSpark startup tested a concussion sports sensor successfully

The JarHead startup (part of the SportTech cluster of the TechnoSpark group of companies of the FIOP investment network of the Rusnano group) tested a brain concussion sensor on a test dummy.

The JarHead sensor is meant to alert of a possible concussion. The sensor attached to the helmet lights up and triggers an alert on a special app installed on the coach’s smartphone every time an athlete suffers strong impact.

For testing studies, the sensor was attached to the top of a hockey helmet worn on a dummy. Professional ice hockey players performed a series of puck shots, aiming at the visor and the front of the helmet.

“The system was stable. It recorded and analyzed all 13 hits to the helmet. Only eight of them would have been harmless to human health. We immediately received the result of each puck shot on a special program installed on a laptop. The sensor helps to diagnose possible concussions promptly.”

told Sergei Ermilov the General Director of the sports companies cluster of the TechnoSpark

The JarHead sensor automatically detects the impact force and the overload duration, signals on danger, and minimizes the risk of untimely detected concussions got by hockey players, boxers, cyclists, and other athletes.
Source: TechnoSpark Media Office

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