December 10, 2021

Visionix: Digitalization of Optical Business / OM Technologies

The selection of vision correction products has become even easier and more technologically advanced. Luneau Technology Operations has introduced software 2.0 for the Visionix EyeRefract system, which allows optometrists to perform eye tests quickly and without contact to select methods of correction. The development was based on the research of more than 5.5 million refractions over five years of using the first-generation program around the world.

Visionix Rus LLC is a subsidiary of the TechnoSpark group of companies and Luneau Technology Operations. Its brands—Visionix, Briot and Weco—have proven to be of good quality on the global and Russian markets. Visionix is a high-tech diagnostic line that combines several functions useful to the ophthalmologist in one device.

At the beginning of 2020, the world entered a new reality. Service industries and companies began to transform, transfer some functionality to mechanized auxiliary systems, acquire technology and reduce staff, optimizing processes for the current situation.

Business owners do not want to incur losses and make efforts to improve their enterprises. The Visionix EyeRefract system allows remote operation when the operator is in another room. Let us consider below how this is implemented in radiology or computed tomography, and what is relevant at the time of anti-COVID restrictions and safety measures.

About the Visionix EyeRefract system

Visionix Rus received a registration certificate for the Visionix EyeRefract system and orders from its first customers in 2021.

Photo: The system was recently purchased by the New Vision ophthalmology clinic in Krasnodar.

The Visionix EyeRefract system is a hybrid installation that combines an autorefractometer, binocular aberrometry that works during the entire process of determining refraction, and a phoropter with an ultra-fast change of high-quality lenses. The software contains all the necessary tests for adults and children, taking into account age-related features of visual functions for the perfect RX.

The process of fitting lenses on the Visionix EyeRefract system is very simple. It is necessary to know the basics of optometry, the age characteristics of the client, to be able to advise the customer in the sales room, finding out their basic needs to make a prescription. It takes no more than three minutes to make a prescription for distance vision. In time that is freed up, you can tell the client about the features of a particular lens, coatings and optimal frame.

Ekaterina Khodunova, CEO of Visionix Rus, talked about the benefits of the new 2.0 software:

“The second-generation Visionix EyeRefract system solves the main part of selecting correction and allows clinicians to focus on consulting patients. With the advent of Visionix technologies, part of the worries about staff turnover and the impact of this factor on the flow of patients and business in general can be left in the past.”



Clinical studies conducted in Europe and Russia at different times and under different conditions, have shown that prescription quality will remain at a high level with less time. The results of a study published in 2018 by the University of Madrid for Optometry led by Dr. Gonzalo at ARVO showed that the refraction fitting on the Visionix EyeRefract system gives accurate prescriptions with more repeatable results compared to the refraction fitting in a “traditional” way. The Visionix EyeRefract clinical studies conducted in Russia showed that optical business owners in the top 10 by revenue were also satisfied with their results.

Below are the results of clinical studies of using the Visionix EyeRefract for perfect refraction fitting in 99 people. They were examined on the proposed system and by three optometrists who did not know each other.

Table: Demographic characteristics of the study participants.


Figure: Correlation between EyeRefract and subjective refraction for all examined groups (A—whole sample, B—patients from 8 to 19 years old, C—patients from 20 to 39 years old, D—patients from 40 years old and older).

Studies have shown: out of 100% of patients who received the service on Visionix EyeRefract and using the traditional method, 96% preferred the prescription issued by the system. The ER prescriptions were almost identical to those of the optometrists, and the error did not exceed values greater than 0.25.

The staff of Visionix Rus, the otptometrists and ophthalmologists involved in the study pointed out that prescriptions made after a traditional examination by different specialists can differ by more than 0.50–0.75D for the same patient. Prescriptions made by the Visionix EyeRefract system did not differ by more than 0.25D. The results of the study confirmed the reliability of the Visionix EyeRefract system and the credibility of data in obtaining RX.

Customers of Visionix Rus report a decrease in the statistics of incorrect prescriptions and products, which allows companies to sell vision correction products with more confidence.

According to Luneau Technology Group statistics, clinics that use this technology claim that the system for eye refraction examinations and the process of refraction on tablets impresses patients and inspires positive reviews on the Internet. The company notes that businesses that use this advanced technology can consider themselves as “high-tech” opticians or clinics, and recommend their services as more modern and customer-friendly. The choice of a Visionix EyeRefract system almost always leads to changes in workflow, staff requirements and in the assessment of the profitability of the business.

For whom the product will be useful

The system is purchased by business owners who know global trends, often visit foreign exhibitions and conferences, and are ready to digitalize business processes. These are pragmatic people who understand the business process. Among the customers of Visionix, there are major players on the optical market, who are already looking to the future today, for example, the Ochkarik optician chain.

Federal clinics, for which the fitting of correction means is not a priority and whose patient traffic exceeds 70 thousand people a year, also pay attention to the Visionix EyeRefract system. The work of optical stores at these institutions allows to provide additional commercial services, but when it comes to the conversion of such salons, it turns out that it is not too high because of the workload of the main specialists and a low check. Based on general practice, the fitting of vision correction lasts from 15 to 20 minutes, and sometimes even takes 40 minutes. With the Visionix EyeRefract system, it is reduced to 3–4 minutes 90% of the time , and in especially complex cases, the system will allow you to choose a vision correction in 7 minutes.
Source: the Optical Magazine Technologies journal

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