December 21, 2021

SportTech: victories 2021

Startups from the SportTech cluster, specializing in the development and production of technological products for sports, are intensively developing and actively testing their products.

ST.Mask is a manufacturer of carbon protective masks for professional footballers with facial injuries. The company has released a finished product this year, which is regularly used by Russian Premier League clubs. ST.Mask manufactures a mask in just 30 hours. There is no need for team doctor or a player to visit the company in person. Nevertheless, the product fits accurately all the shapes of the face. The player does not have to stop his/her performances and training with a composite mask. So the team avoids losing the line-up.

The company produces a modern technological product in Russia and this product can compete for the foreign counterparts. In 2021, Zenit and the Russian national team midfielder Daler Kuzyaev, Rubin’s Croatian legionnaire Philip Uremovich, and Nizhny Novgorod and Hungarian national team footballer Akosh Kecskes played in masks produced by this startup. Next year ST.Mask plans to expand cooperation with teams from three Russian divisions: RPL, FNL and PFL.

Philip Uremovich wearing ST.Mask. Photo by Rubin FC Media Office.

“Today digital technologies are help to raise successful athletes. SportTech startups’ developments combine both IT and deep tech. This helps to increase the number of children and adults involved in physical education and sports. As these activities become not only less traumatic, but also more effective. To achieve this, we test at a high quality and improve continuously. Much of the credit for this belongs to our partners. In particular, the Moscow Sports Technology Center. It is the center that helped to bring the testing of the JarHead brain concussion sensor to a new level.”

commented Oleg Lysak, CEO of TechnoSpark

JarHead startup tested its sensor in the field in 2021 and got the opportunity to test the device in sports schools in Moscow. In October, the company tested the device at a hockey training in New Moscow, where the sensor recorded and analyzed all hits on the dummy it was attached to. In December, the development of JarHead successfully passed the examination at the Center for Sports Innovative Technologies and Training of National Teams of the Moscow Sports Department and will soon be tested in one of the Moskomsport’s boxing schools.

Now JarHead is solving an important technological problem that is to create a more compact sensor. The startup is already testing a prototype. The company also plans for 2022 to develop a mobile application that will instantly signal in case of concussion, and to introduce the technology into sports schools in Moscow.

InMotion, the developer of a professional tracking system for team sports, this year assembled a fully functional pre-production system sample, which included a set of sensors, base stations and a receiver for data collection. In 2021 we received a sample of the system and immediately held a series of tests on football, handball, and basketball matches, and learned the opinions of potential customers. This will help us improve our design.”

told Sergey Ermilov, CEO of SportTech

Artek Sticks is a manufacturer of low-cost carbon ice hockey sticks. The company mastered the new technology and produced a series of prototypes in 2021. Next year these prototypes will be tested in the laboratory and compared with ice hockey sticks from BAUER, one of the world’s leading manufacturers, in order to obtain an objective assessment and improve the product.

The VideoPod company has produced 5 pre-production copies of the football video mast this year. Plans for the next year are to test them at the games of the 3rd division of the Russian Championship, to end the design and to start serial production. Along the way, a modified mast is being developed. Its weight has been reduced due to the carbon fiber and the shorter length, and the camera control will be electronic.

The Handball Technologies startup is developing an improved handball mastic that provides a good grip of the ball with the player’s palm. This year, the mastic entered the CSKA-2 team of the Moscow Secondary Special School of the Olympic Reserve for testing. The feedback from the team’s coaches helps in ending the development of the product. The company plans to open sales next year.
Source: TechnoSpark Media Office

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