December 29, 2021

TechnoSpark’s Contract Companies Fulfilled Up to 20% More Orders in 2021

Production and services tend to transit to a contract form. This trend is growing. In particular, the TEN group contract companies of TechnoSpark fulfilled more than 1200 orders in 2021. Statistics showed a 20% increase in the number of completed orders compared to 2020.

In 2021 TechnoSpark was recognized as the best technopark in the country. This became possible due to the developed network of contract businesses as well. These are companies specializing in different types of manufacturing, including additive and composite, and services ranging from engineering to genetic research. Today the clients of TEN group contract businesses range from the largest Russian high-tech companies to small businesses.

A significant increase in the orders was shown by the additive manufacturer of TechnoSpark – the TEN print company. It manufactures metal and plastic products using the 3D printing method. Compared to last year, the number of contracts in the TEN print portfolio has almost quadrupled, which indicates an increase in demand for additive manufacturing. This dynamic was achieved, among other things, thanks to a new 3D printer for printing with titanium. The company received the printer in March.

Artek Braiding composite hose manufacturer and TEN Engineering & Design, which specializes in industrial design and technological product development, showed significant growth. In 2021, they managed to increase the number of orders by 1.9 and 1.7 times, respectively.

“Today companies strive to transfer the entire life cycle of a product to a contract: a number of customers work with TEN group starting from the engineering stage and are now producing their products at the facilities of TechnoSpark manufacturing companies. This is convenient as companies don’t have to think about how and where to produce. The companies who are building ecosystems can implement their ideas in deep tech using our contract services.”

commented Oleg Lysak, CEO of TechnoSpark

2021 was a rich year for TEN fab. The company has increased the number of customers with high-tech products. The manufacturer of ONSINT 3D printers with laser sintering technology is among new customers. In February, TEN fab produced the 1000th 3D printer for Imprinta, with which it has been collaborating for the third year. In September, the company launched a joint program with MISiS, according to which students of this university undergo training at the TEN fab technological areas. Retrofitting of production with large-radius bending equipment simplified the manufacture of modern metal cases, and the new format of communication with customers opened up the ability to place orders in a few clicks through instant messengers.
Source: TechnoSpark Media Office

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