January 14, 2022

TechnoSpark Forms Flexible Electronics Platform

The Russian Center of Flexible Electronics, founded by TechnoSpark, completed technology transfer in 2021 and began producing flexible plastic transistors. It also has formed a platform that allows startups to reduce pilot production costs and quickly launch serial production.

In 2021, RCFE completed technology transfer from the world’s leading microelectronics centers, in particular from Cambridge in Great Britain and iMEC in Belgium. This led to the first operational sample of electronic devices’ key element which is a thin film transistor (TFT). To create this transistor semiconductor material IGZO (Indium Gallium Zinc Oxide) instead of silicon was used.

The Russian Center of Flexible Electronics was opened in March 2020 in the city of Troitsk, New Moscow, on the eve of WHO’s announcement of the start of a pandemic. Thanks to the measures taken by TechnoSpark to preserve the employees’ health and to maintain the pace of work, the RCFE did not stop for a single day. This allowed to complete the technology transfer in the shortest possible time and start flexible plastic transistors production. The production gave impetus to the launch of several startups in this area.

The first was the development of frost-resistant electronic price tags for TEN FLECS RND refrigerators. The second project on development of an organic photodetector used in radiology and a fingerprint scanner belongs to DIP. The third project of the FlecsLab laboratory is aimed at creating a microelectronics design center which is a company that designs devices according to the production standards from the Russian Center for Flexible Electronics. The design center will increase its expertise in manufacturing, testing and preparing microcircuits for serial production.

All three startups launched on the platform of the Russian Center for Flexible Electronics received support from the Innovation Promotion Fund at an early stage of development.

“The platform approach will open the door for startups in the emerging plastic electronics market to reach a wider range of consumers with their product. The goal of the cross-industry design center is to simplify the ordering of services and goods, increasing the level of competence of engineers, designers and technologists. It will become an important link in the microelectronics market. Such a link which will include the analysis of ideas for the creation of microcircuits, the development of technical specifications, the development of models and microcircuits. This will give an impetus to the new companies to appear and the Russian microelectronics market to grow”.

commented Oleg Lysak, CEO of TechnoSpark

RCFE is the only company in Russia that is engaged in the industrialization of advanced technologies of flexible plastic electronics
Source: Media Office of TechnoSpark

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