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We create hundreds of high-tech jobs. We keep on launching new startups non-stop, opening vacancies for the venture builders in each of them.

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TechnoSpark Campus

Modern world class campus with dozens of technological companies and hundreds of high tech engineers and entrepreneurs. Created as green-field to grow faster than others.



Since 2016 till present time, the most effective technology park of Russia. European space in the heart of New Moscow.


We bring the best experts of Russia and the world to the TechnoSpark seminars and workshops open for any employee of our companies.


In the central square of Troitsk we opened the Boiling Point to unite the community of people working on the projects of the future.


We support the culture of mutual knowledge and experience exchange between our technological domains.

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Life in New Moscow

New Moscow offers a new infrastructure and new living standards. Science City Troitsk, new south-west districts of Moscow, eco-villages near TechnoSpark: choose the right space to live for yourself and your family.



Where can I send the CV?

CVs and motivation letters shall be addressed to hr@technospark.ru

What career opportunities will I have?

At the best technology park of the country you are free to occupy any position to match your qualification, at one or more startups, and to build technological businesses in the global industries. We make a strict division between the functions of an engineer and an entrepreneur in a company.

What is the difference between the engineering and entrepreneurial vacancies?

We offer engineers focusing on their specific technological tasks. This is what makes the engineering work thorough and profound. Entrepreneurs deal with organizing the development and release of products, sales, business analysis and investment.

What is the recruitment procedure for venture builders (technological entrepreneurs)?

In a candidate for the position of a technological entrepreneur, we seek soft skills and personal qualities. This is why the first round of selection is carried out though the one-day business game 'Build a Company. Sell the Company'. Based on the results of the game, the candidates are invited to the next selection rounds.

What is the recruitment procedure?

Having studied the candidate's CV, we do a phone interview and invite them to TechnoSpark for an introductory meeting. We may offer a job at one of the startups after a focused interview and discus the details.

Are there any age restrictions?

There are no age or gender restrictions at TechnoSpark. We are looking for candidates, committed to build technological companies from scratch for five or more years.

Is it possible to work at TechnoSpark and study at the same time?

Full-time work at a startup can be combined with studies... provided that you have enough coffee! It is up to the employees to decide whether they are capable of combining work with studies.

How can I find you? Is there a car parking?

From the Moscow Ring Road exit to Kaluzhskoye Highway, TechnoSpark is 20 minutes drive away. By the campus, there is an outdoor parking for 50 cars. By public transport, take bus 301 to Technopark bus stop. There is a control checkpoint at the entrance to TechnoSpark.

When do I get a reply after the interview?

After the interview, we answer all the candidates within 1-3 weeks, depending on the specificity of the vacancy.

What documents do I need for employment?

For employment, citizens of Russia need to present their passport, employment record book, personal insurance policy number (SNILS), taxpayer's identification number (INN) and education certificate. Candidates get the list of required documents at the final interview.

I am a final-year student of a technical university. May I do an internship at TechnoSpark?

TechnoSpark internship is only available for final-year students of our partner universities under #startupdiplom program. See the list of partner universities on the website of the program: startupdiplom.ru

What is Business Debut program?

This an annual program of the venture building network, under which the participants who have approved themselves in the 'Build a Company. Sell the Company' game get the beginner entrepreneur job at the investment-provided technological startup with a fixed salary for 10 months, regardless of their previous experience and basic competences. Business Debut is a gate into technological business.

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