Life in New Moscow

4 comfortable residences for working at TechnoSpark

The campus of TechnoSpark Group of Companies is located in New Moscow. Working at TechnoSpark, it is convenient to live in the south-west of Moscow, in Novye Vatutinki, Troitsk, Troitsky and Novomoskovsky Administrative Okrug (TiNAO), eco-friendly districts with developed infrastructure and high standards of living.
From south-west districts of Moscow, the way takes 40 minutes on Kaluzhskoe Highway, with no traffic lights or traffic jams. In 2018, the reconstruction of the highway was completed: number of lanes was increased to four-five in each direction, two-level interchanges were built.
By the year 2021, Kievskoe Highway will be renovated, and the construction of the connecting highways will be completed.

Photo by the City-Planning and Municipal Construction Department of Moscow.

From Teply Stan metro station, public taxi buses and buses 398, 433, 531 to Troitsk are available every 10 minutes. Technopark bus stop of local route 301 is located right by the campus gate.
It takes 20 minutes to drive from Salaryevo and Kommunarka, rapidly developing districts with new metro stations and a big selection of accommodation to rent. The metro line will be extended from Kommunarka to Troitsk town.
Troitsk and Vatutinki are 15 minutes drive away. According to researchers, these New Moscow districts are distinguished with their high environmental status. It is supported by a great number of green zones. They feature a well-developed Zarechye recreation park by the Desna River.

Fragment from ‘Troitsk Park Zarechye New Moscow TiNAO’ video by Navzlet

With the investment from the capital, the infrastructure of Troitsk is rapidly developing, and renovation program is in process. In the next several years, the old premises will be replaced with 17 comfortable blocks of apartments, and the amount of accommodation for rent will increase. My District program launched by the Mayor of Moscow in the town includes the construction of an adult clinic for 700 visits per day, a kindergarten for 350 children, and a three-story school with a swimming pool for 2100 children. The program also encompasses a sports and recreation facility with an ice arena, which will be located in Akademika Cherenkova Street. Its construction is currently in progress; the street will connect the main part of the town with the southern district, which will open a direct passage to TechnoSpark.

Illustration by Asadov Architecture Bureau.

10 km away from TechnoSpark, Novye Vatutinki residential complex is being constructed and developed. It features two schools, private and public kindergartens, a post office, a bank and supermarkets. From TechnoSpark, it is 15 minutes drive away.

Illustration by Investtrust.

Around TechnoSpark, there are over 30 settlements and villages with comfortable environment and a high-quality infrastructure. For leisure, there is a large Krasnaya Pakhra sports park with the total area of 12 ha. It features: artificial grass football pitch, volleyball, basketball courts, workout ground, outdoor fitness equipment, two-kilometer skiing track (bike lane in summer) and chess tables.

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