Head of the genomic laboratory


ReadSense Genomic Center is looking for the head of a laboratory performing contract research of DNA using NGS and TGS sequencing.


  • Laboratory management;
  • Development of DNA analysis technologies by PCR, NGS, TGS;
  • Development of genomic data analysis algorithms;
  • Conducting laboratory research and R&D;
  • Development of regulatory documents for the laboratory;
  • Reporting.


  • Higher education biological, biochemical, chemical;
  • Experience in PCR and NGS laboratories;
  • Experience in analyzing genomic data;
  • Experience in the development of PCR and NGS test systems.

Skills and knowledge

  • Methods of DNA extraction from various samples: blood, saliva, earth, plants, biomass, etc .;
  • DNA sample preparation methods for Illumina platforms, including using hybridization methods;
  • DNA sample preparation methods for Oxford Nanopore platforms;
  • PCR and RT-PCR diagnostic methods;
  • Skills in the development and validation of PCR test systems;
  • Skills in the development and validation of NGS and TGS test systems;
  • Skills of development and validation of protocols using hybridization methods;
  • Skills for selecting primers, PCR probes (TaqMan, Amplifluor, Scorpion, Yin-Yang, etc.);
  • Skills for developing hybridization enrichment panels (including probe design);
  • Skills of developing PCR enrichment panels;
  • Skills of working with metagenomic samples and analysis of metagenomic data;
  • Skills of “manual work” in the laboratory using all of the above methods;
  • Programming skills in python, R, etc.
  • Skills in writing algorithms for analyzing genomic and metagenomic data: analysis of bacterial genomes and metagenomes,
  • Analysis of human panels and exoms (up to the annotation stage), analysis of viral data, data analysis of NGS and TGS platforms, etc.

We offer

  • Workplace in a modern laboratory in the best technopark of the country (New Moscow, Troitsk);
  • Salary based on interview results;
  • Friendly atmosphere of a real startup;
  • Interesting tasks.

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