IC designer

Russian Center for Flexible Electronics

The Russian center for the production of flexible electronics requires a circuit engineer to develop and test integrated circuits on a flexible basis.

Flexible electronics is a new, not yet fully formed area in the field of electronic industry. Successful development of flexible electronics requires an understanding of technology, a desire to learn, and put the knowledge into practice.



  • Development and debugging of thin-film IC design starting from separate IP-blocks;
  • Testing and validation of finished IP in the laboratory, the use of the results to improve subsequent developments;
  • Collaboration with customers and the technology group to develop devices on a flexible basis.


  • Understanding the principles of operation of a thin-film transistor;
  • Practical experience in developing IP, prototyping, testing and debugging. Availability of completed projects;
  • Higher education in the field of electronics / circuitry;
  • Experience with organic TFT transistors is welcome;
  • Knowledge of English: conversational level + correspondence by mail;
  • Ability to lead the project in compliance with schedules;
  • Sociability ‚ability and desire to work in a team.

We offer

  • Workplace at high-tech production in New Moscow;
  • Fixed schedule 5/2, weekend on Saturday and Sunday.

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