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Russian Center for Flexible Electronics

The process engineer for the thin-film coating deposition section controls the production processes in the modern production of flexible electronics.


  • Control of production processes for applying thin-film coatings. Conducting tests and collecting information to track process parameters. In the case of deviations of the process parameters from the set values ​​- change the equipment settings to return the process parameters to the required values;
  • Development of linear and network diagrams, route maps, technological instructions, product quality manuals and other technological documentation. Making changes to the technical documentation in connection with the adjustment of technological processes and production modes;
  • Finding the best engineering solution within conflicting technical and technological requirements with a limited budget and time;
  • Statistical analysis of data, application of scientific understanding of physical and chemical models, planning and conducting experiments to improve the application of thin-film coatings;
  • In case of significant problems with the process, the ability to develop a model explaining the results and confirm / refute the model with the developed experiments.


  • Good technical training, understanding how the technical mechanisms and processes are arranged and work. Higher technical education;
  • The desire to learn and the ability to independently make technical decisions;
  • Ability to work in a team;
  • Knowledge of English;
  • Analytical mindset, the ability to draw conclusions from the information received;
  • Experience in the semiconductor manufacturing industry in the field of thin-film coating processes is a big plus.

We offer

  • Workplace at high-tech production in New Moscow;
  • Fixed schedule 5/2, weekend on Saturday and Sunday.

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