Artek Braiding





composite materials

Artek Braiding produces seamless composite pieces of high-resistance reinforced material (preforms). The products of the company are used in medicine, sport industry and construction.
The radial brading production technology significantly reduces material consumption while increasing the products strength and extending their service life. The automated braided preform production system significantly increases the productivity and ensures absolute repetitiveness regardless of the complex geometric configuration of the produced items, at the same time decreasing the preform cost by one third.
HERZON RF 1-144-120 machine used by Artek Braiding is capable of issuing up to 300 meters of preforms per one load; in a year, it can braid up to 300 kilometers of them. Preforms of any complexity level may be produced of carbon, glass, aramid, basalt, natural (flax) and hybrid fiber.
Russian companies consider Artek Braiding, first of all, as an import replacement partner. The products of the company are purchased by manufacturers of such sport equipment as, for example, hockey sticks. Under a contract with ZD Technology from Tomsk, Artek Braiding produces leg prosthesis sockets. Moreover, in cooperation with All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Aviation Materials (VIAM), Artek Braiding has taken part in the construction of the country’s first composite bridge in Ulyanovsk Region.

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