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artificial diamonds

CVD Spark is a company that has been producing synthetic diamonds with its own chemical vapor deposition (CVD) method since 2012.

The diamonds supplied by CVD Spark are used as heat sinks for power and microelectronics, as strengthening coating for tools, optical elements of high-power lasers etc. The majority of diamonds used in industry today are of synthetic origin. Artificial diamond properties do not differ from those of the natural diamonds, and in some cases can be even superior, such as, for instance, purity of the diamond, repetitiveness and predictability of its quality.

The company develops a brand new business model for the industry, by creating a digital production process platform based on many years’ research. The platform unites the territorially remote participants and processes of production into an integrated technological network, creates system engineering, ensures control and management for all parts of the system, thereby increasing the predictability and performance of each production process.

CVD method implies the development of the diamond by deposition of carbon on the hydrogen-carbon gas mix primer in the reactor chamber. In the synthesis process, the chemical composition of impurities in the final product can be kept under strict control to create impurity-free diamond films on large area billets. Modern production equipment of CVD Spark makes it possible to perform the full technological production cycle with only one remote operator controlling the synthesis process on the production lines.

With its extensive expertise in the synthetic diamond production technology, CVD Spark provides a separate service of conducting a full technological R&D work cycle to minimize the customer’s costs by making up a technology for every individual task, remote update of production regulations, synthesis process correction.

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