EV Ten





Direction electric charging infrastructure

The first in Russia began to produce charging stations based on user experience, usage scenarios and the end consumer.

Together with partners, we developed our own line of charging stations. The developed series included 4 models: fast with a power of 150 kW and 80 kW, slow (44 kW) and home (22 kW). The last two are charged with alternating current, the rest – with direct current. The first in the series was a fast 150 kW station, which charges two electric vehicles simultaneously and is equipped with three connectors of different standards. The station has a ST-1 certificate (Register of the Ministry of Industry and Trade “On confirmation of the production of industrial products on the territory of the Russian Federation”) and is subject to a subsidy program: the buyer can compensate part of the amount spent on the purchase of the station from the budget.

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