wearable electronics

InMotion startup creates wearable trackers for quasi-medical and location data of athletes in team sports: football, hockey, handball and others.
Sports tracker is a part of the system for professional sports statistics collection using the devices worn by athletes and remote
information storage and processing equipment. The data collected by the tracker enable the teams to increase the training efficiency
and to recreate after a match. The system tracks the movement of the players and their health condition during training and competitions, and the collected information can be used by the team to structure their future strategy and tactics of the game.
The tracker project includes four elements: special vest worn by the athlete with sensor devices tracking the movement of the athlete, collecting quasi-medical information; a base station receiving the sensor signals; a charger for simultaneous recharge of the sensors, and a special software for data transmission.
Partner of InMotion, InStat company, has been working with over three thousand customers, including the world’s top football clubs, opening
great opportunities for using the InMotion tracker. At all that, the cost of the tracker will be lower than that of its analogues. The product release is scheduled for 2020.

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