Today, Polarus is the only Russian picosecond fiber laser manufacturer. Such lasers are required for high-precision material treatment, including production of microcircuits and so-called micromachining of mobile gadget touch screens, as well as microcutting.

Polarus has developed a brand-new product, PL Alpha picosecond laser, which is ready for batch production. The semi-automatic laser key element and booster assembly system works in Troitsk, producing up to 100 boosters per year. The testing station for long-term laser system node testing located at the same place is capable of testing dozens and hundreds of boosters before installation into the laser.

Smart production technologies allow keeping the laser price below average market level by 1.5-2 times. For this reason, PL Alpha laser has a good export potential: China is interested in the product supplies.

Polarus is interested in supplying its product both to medical and industrial companies. Several foreign companies have tried the picosecond laser; further cooperation negotiations are in process.

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