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contract production

TEN fab contract company produces high tech parts and complex equipment under the design documents of the customer as single copies or in batches under 1000 pieces. This is the only company in Russia that operates the full contract manufacture cycle.

The company specializes in high-precision mechanic treatment of metals, alloys and plastics, as well as mechatronic equipment and device production, assembly and supplies of equipment and accessories. Its key focus area is production of high-precision metal items with complex geometrical configuration of various metals, from stainless steel to molybdenum bronze. For this purpose, the company possesses equipment with the precision of 2-3 microns.

Moreover, TEN fab offers its service in prototyping, accessories supply management, mechanic, electric and electronic assembly of
equipment and devices, including clean operations (ISO-7), package and

Since establishment, the company has completed over 2100 orders. The main customers of the company are small and medium-sized businesses. One of the TEN fab advantages is strict confidentiality guarantee.

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