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optic coatings

TEN Optics creates complex optic coatings for laser technologies, control sensors and other high tech devices.

TEN Optics covers glass substrates with a multilayer coating which modifies the spectrum of the reflected and transmitted light within the permitted parameters. The number of various substance layers on one substrate may reach a hundred; all of them must be even and strong. The orders are delivered with Buhled Leybold Optics SYRUS pro 710 spraying unit.

The company specializes in complex coatings with the set parameters compliance precision of >99.5%. For example, TEN Optics produced a narrow-band filter for 530 nanometers with the bandpass under 3 nanometers (FWHM), an excimer laser mirror for 193 nanometers with the damage threshold over 700 mJ/cm2, capable of working in the atomic fluoro atmosphere without changing its properties, and a blocking fluorescent dichroic light filter with blocking depth of the 7th order and diapason of 300-1100 nanometers.

Based in the TEN Optics company, the optic coating unit producer Buhler, created its only showroom in Russia to demonstrate the capacity of its equipment.

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