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Visionix Rus produces and distributes Visionix-branded ophthalmological equipment localized in Russia. Visionix Rus is a joint venture of the Luneau Technology Operations French and Israeli group and the TechnoSpark Group of Companies.

Luneu Technology Operations is one of the world largest developers and manufacturers of ophthalmological and optical equipment. The Visionix brand offers autorefractometers, lensmeters, phoropters and other items used in diagnostic tests for glaucoma, cataract, corneal disorders, high precision measurements of the eye optical properties and individual CL fitting. For example, VX130+ integrates the functions of an autorefractometer, pupillometer, corneal topographer, aberrometer, pachymeter, and a contactless tonometer. There is no other device with such a combination of options. In terms of quality and range of functions, the Visionix devices compete with the premium-level equipment made in Japan and Germany. The devices are targeted at the state and private clinics, as well as optical stores that specialize in customized CL vision correction.

The VX 120+, VX 120+ Dry Eye, VX 130+ series devices are designed based on the patented Wave Front technology used to analyse 1500 points on the cornea to produce expansive and precise test results. These devices ensure high precision of measurements for the surgeons to install intraocular lenses in the postoperative period. All devices are supplied with the software that transmits the findings to the local electronic clinical record (MIS, medical information system) and fits the closed equipment circuit of the healthcare institution, compatible with the equipment of other manufacturers. The Visionix devices can be applicable in telehealth technologies.

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