additive technologies

Zdravprint produces individual additive orthoses — special external medical devices that secure, unload, encourage recovery and correction of functions in injured or broken joints or limbs.

There are no orthoses similar to those produced by Zdravprint in Russia or abroad. They are produced on 3D printers of high-quality with medicine-certified Russian plastic. The only thing that is required to produce an orthosis is one A4 size photo of the injured limb. The printing takes from 15 minutes to 1.5 hours. Created on the basis of the biometric parameters of each patient, every product is individual.

The orthosis allows the patient to be active in the therapy process. The orthosis is easy to remove for physiotherapy or hygienic procedures; it has a so-called breathing structure to prevent itching or allergic reactions.

Zdravprint orthoses are distinguished for their low cost: for example, a broken wrist fixator costs 4,000 RUR.

Zdravprint works with a number of Moscow’s top medical
institutions, including the 29th Municipal Clinic Hospital of Moscow and the 4th Municipal Clinic Hospital of Moscow. Hundreds of patients have already used the after-care services with the appliances produced by the company.

Moreover, Zdravprint has developed a business proposal for regional partners, to supply 3D units connected to the cloud system of the company. The doctor enters the patient’s data into the system, they are immediately processed in Moscow, and the orthosis is printed right in the doctor’s office.

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